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Beautiful hands – beautiful feet

Hands need care as they, more than any other body part, are especially exposed to the elements. We offer express manicure or a pampering spa manicure.Ask for our manicure subscriptions.

Our feet are often the most neglected parts of our bodies and yet they tirelessly carry our weight a lifetime long – a good pedicure does not simply make your feet more attractive, much more it renews their energy for their arduous task. Here too you can choose between an Express or a Spa treatment and/or get a subscription.

High-tech and soft and smooth hands

Feel good and look good from head to toe – not just through creams, ampoules and masks, but mostly through the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and gentle touches. In addition we offer treatments with state of the art equipment which support the skin optimisation process.

Peach or Orange?

Our eating preferences are a matter of taste – yet most likely you’d prefer a peachy skin to an orange skin! We have a number of solutions for you – whether mechanical or by massage or the red algae. Ask us. We’re certain to find the right solution for you.

Body Form                               60 Minutes

Cellulitis is essentially a blood circulation problem. Our combination of ultrasound, circulation enhancing deep tissue massage and packs followed by a round on the cross trainer work wonders for optimal fat reduction and simultaneous muscle tone build-up in the problem areas. This treatment is therefore also recommended for those who don’t have cellulite problems but simply wish to streamline their skin.

No pain, no gain!

Do you enjoy waxing? Certainly not for pleasure – but let’s grit our teeth and get on with it.

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