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Java Lulur                  150 Minutes (incl. 60min Massage)

Since time immemorial, this has been a traditional Indonesian bride purification ritual. An extremely relaxing experience arising from Asian herbs, spices, flowers and aromatic oils which help harmonise body and soul. This massage is all the whole body needs to bring it back into full swing. It fosters purification whilst concurrently nurturing the skin - The „Queen“ of beauty treatments.

Thai Herbal-Wrap       150 Minutes (incl. 60min Massage)

A century old Thai body treatment comprising a number of treatment phases. Depending on the region, a variety of herbs are prepared with ginger and turmeric being essential ingredients.

Atlantic Agar              120 Minutes (incl. 30min Massage)

The toning program at City Spa incorporates numerous natural oils and essences, a package of red algae, deep tissue massage concluding with a bath. The treatment that fosters blood circulation and purification. Ideal for cellulitis and following serious weight loss. 

Aloe Vera                    90 Minutes (no Massage)

The Aloe Vera treatment is simply the greatest pampering and relaxing experience. The strength built-up during the bath, peeling-massage, face mask and the aloe vera balm leaves the skin with a silky smooth touch and wonderfully scented. A treatment recommended for every visitor, man or woman, young or old.

Moroccan Pure           90 Minutes (no Massage)

A contemporary Moroccan purification treatment for body and soul. Sink into the solace of the steam bath, scrub all that accumulated dirt away and simply feel skin tingle with renewed softness - fresh and clean.

SOS (Hangover, Jetlag)  90 Minutes (no Massage)

After dancing the night away and/or other extravagances that leave you feeling down and out, we can bring you back in form. This treatment uses decongestant and other detoxification products which on one hand help you relax and on the other help revive your spirit.

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