SPECIALS | Party Time & More

Party Time                          minimum 2 hours

Bride Time

Bring the budding bride in party mood; spend the evening with us whilst we spoil your body and senses. We serve drinks and snacks at this event.


Want to get into the party mood long before it’s scheduled to start? Come along for some cool sounds, sparkling wine and snacks whilst we beautify you for the outing.

Hamam Party

Take a little time-out Moroccan style – totally traditional with black soap, rassoul mud and peppermint tea along with some oriental delicacies. Our hamam, the spa lounge and everything your heart desires are available for you.

Spa Fun 4 2

The flexible setup and layout of our spa allows you to enjoy and experience all our treatments with someone special – anything from massages over facials to spa treatments.


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