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Forever young

Ultrasound is used to improve blood circulation and promote the skin’s absorption of the active substances. Especially recommended for inflammation and wrinkles. Regular treatments create an effect similar to filler injections – only painless!

AbraJet: Sandblasting for an intensive peeling. Old and dead skin is sanded down and the skin regeneration is accelerated. Your skin feels finer and smoother and wrinkle depth will be diminished.

Let’s Face It Deluxe                90 Minutes

Our luxury package: Deep cleansing, individual problem solving, face and neck massage, mask or modelling. This treatment also includes eye treatment: eyebrow plucking and tint, eyelash tint. If desired we also offer an upper lip epilation.

Let’s Face It Basic                 60/75 Minutes

This is all about efficiency: Peeling, cleansing, massage, masks and off you go!

Let’s Face It AbraJet            30 Minutes

This deep cleansing involves mechanically irritating the skin to promote collagen formation. Ideal with wrinkling, acne scarring or simply to revitalise the skin.

Ice4Eyes                                  45 Minutes

Excellent effect in a short time: Eyebrow correction and cooling masks, sensational for swollen and tired eyes, and bags under your eyes. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time working in front of a computer screen.

Milk & Honey Facial               60 – 90 Minutes

Honey is a pure natural product and is particularly effective against weary, stressed skin as it promotes circulation and relieves inflammation. The effect? Similar to that following a long walk.

Boys Express                         45 Minutes

For men on the move. Intensive peeling masks and face massage – and you can hit the road again.

Boy’s Intensive                       75 Minutes

For men who take time out to care for themselves: Special skin care, detoxifying and revitalising made up of a facial peeling, deep cleansing and an extensive, relaxing face and neck and shoulder massage. Revitalised energy for the skin.

Boy’s intensive is ideal for all skin types, all ages but especially for dry and stressed skin after long haul flights or from smoking.

For home care we recommend that you continue using the same products – your cosmetician will happily advise you.

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